Mike Stiles

Here's the audio you're looking for. It's like pizza at a remote, it's free and easy.
Click to play it, right click to download and save it. Use it on the air all you want.

2 things. a) Send me your email and I'll alert you when other freebies go up.
And b) if you use it, appreciate it, and are cool enough to want to reward
the effort, donate whatever you think it's worth (.25 to whatever) via PayPal
at mstiles@numail.org. That's my "business model" in the current environment:
If it sucks it doesn't earn me anything, if it doesn't suck,
fellow entertainers will show some love.

Now go ahead and download this before I start sounding
even MORE like Jerry Lewis.

Beatle Parody - I Wanna Hurt Your Hands