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So you want to know what Mike Stiles does, huh? 

I was the first man to walk on Uranus.  Prove me wrong.  I wrote what would have been the biggest selling novel in the history of American literature, but I forgot where I put it.  I taught Mick Jagger how to prance.  I have the cures for diseases that don't exist.  And sex?  Well let's just say I'm one of them.

As you can tell, I make stuff up.  That's called content. 

Don't be afraid of it.  It's a good thing.  You should be creating a lot of it.  If you're a company, an ad agency, a PR agency, an interactive agency, an event agency, a network, a web site, a publisher, a TV station or a radio station, you need a steady flow of content.

But not just any content.  I should probably mention, it needs to be good.  It needs to be relevant, informative, preferably short, and entertaining.  Whether you're selling a product or talking to your employees, if your content isn't what I just mentioned, then you're not communicating much, and you've wasted your time and resources.

You need an entertainer.  No one's going to curl up in front of a roaring fire and read your company newsletter.  I just yawned writing about it.  In our new media world, people demand to be amused.  If they aren't amused, they tune you out.

I'm an entertainer who informs, specializing in humor.  A comedy hit man.  I can help you put on your communications show.  You might have fun (even if you're in a suit), and you'll like the results. 
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